Friday, December 2, 2022     Volume: 23, Issue: 40

Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Try to think positively and give thanks beyond Thanksgiving

Last week was Thanksgiving. The day represents a couple of things; one is that we give thanks for having a warm, dry place to sleep and food to eat. We are also thankful for the health and well-being of our families and wish that there hadn’t been as many tragedies over the last 12 months. Maybe next year will be better. Giving thanks includes giving too; as food banks, churches, and social clubs gear up for the ho... [ Read More ]

Weekly Poll
What do you think about a farmworker resource center in Santa Barbara County?

It's a great way to create a network of collaboration and reach people in need.
It's been needed in the county for a long time and should have been made earlier.
We don't have the funding now, but we should come up with ideas in the meantime.
We don't need it. There are plenty of resources readily available.

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