Sunday, October 20, 2019     Volume: 20, Issue: 33

Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


The president may not be my favorite, but I just can't vote for a Democrat

One of the most amusing charges that we conservatives often have leveled against us is that we are all “unwavering supporters” of President Donald Trump and view him as some sort of “rock star.” Essentially, that we are Trump “groupies.” In reality, if real rock ’n’ roll groupies viewed the objects of their adoration with as much reserve as we view Trump, the National Enquir... [ Read More ]

Weekly Poll
What do you think about Guadalupe's major housing plans, which include 800 planned homes?

Good. The area needs as many new houses as possible.
It's a good idea if commercial developments like big box stores don't follow.
There should be more, but 800 houses is too many.
Bad idea. That many homes will skyrocket the city's population.

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