Saturday, December 14, 2019     Volume: 20, Issue: 41

Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


When it comes to the Oceano Dunes, regulatory bodies and state agencies aren't doing their jobs

Years ago people smoked everywhere, in bed, driving their cars, at work, in restaurants. Now, not so much. Laws have been passed, and now smoking is prohibited on public transportation, in restaurants, and just about everywhere else there are indoor crowds. Smokers accept this and only smoke in their private places.  Laws dictate where you can take your dog, and dog owners go along with the rules. A long time ago, ... [ Read More ]

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Weekly Poll
What do you think of Santa Maria's decision to approve a public art master plan, without a fee to fund projects?

It's pointless. Why approve a plan without a way to pay for it?
It's great. It would be unfair to add an art fee to development permits.
I'd rather the city focus on issues more important than public art.
The city would feel more vibrant and walkable with additional public art.

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