Monday, June 17, 2019     Volume: 20, Issue: 15

Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Finding common ground and hope for Santa Maria

Cities are difficult to govern. They are not empowered, protected, or even recognized by the U.S. Constitution. They cannot print money or set interest rates. They cannot control the people and businesses that move into them, or move out. They sit between the rock and hard place of raising enough tax revenue to cover the municipal services that their constituents are ever demanding, without chasing residents and businesse... [ Read More ]

Weekly Poll
Should the proposed aquifer exemption in Cat Canyon be approved?

Yes—the water from the proposed area can't serve as drinking water.
No—oil containments could still pollute usable groundwater.
Additional oil and gas projects can create more jobs.
We need to move away from oil and gas and look at renewable energy projects.

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