Tuesday, September 16, 2014     Volume: 15, Issue: 27

Weekly Poll
How should the county treat dogs it has charged with being dangerous?

It depends on what the dogs are charged with doing.
They should be put to sleep, no matter what they did.
The county should have a no kill policy.
It's the owners fault if a dog does something the county deems as dangerous. The owner should be punished.

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Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


'These murderers are not our own'

Ed. note: Part one of this commentary ran in last week’s Sun. Visit santamariasun.com to read the entire piece.   ISIS in Iraq has brought the issue of abhorrent expressions of the Islamic religion (Mis-lam) to the center stage. They have attacked, desecrated, and pillaged the holy sites of Christians and Muslims. They have murdered innocent Christian civilians, as well as count... [ Read More ]