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Hobnobbing With Helen


Noontime Rotary scored a sizzling success with its annual fundraiser, “Some Like It Hot,” held Saturday night, Nov. 3, at the Park Plaza Building in the Santa Maria Fairpark.

Rotary pals:
Bob Frias met with Debbie Testa on Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Noontime Rotary's annual fundraiser, "Some Like It Hot." Frias is a Noontime Rotary past president. Testa is a member of the breakfast club.

Some decorations and costumes were connected specifically to the above-mentioned movie with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe, and some decorations tied to 1950s TV and Hollywood in general.

It all came together for a super, fun-tastic ambience.

Judy Hearn appeared as a delightful Marilyn Monroe, with a stupendous blonde wig. Hobnobbing spotted several other marvelous Marilyns and a dashing Tony Curtis.

Many male Rotarians dressed in a ’50s uniform: jeans and white T-shirts, a la Fonzie in Happy Days or, if you prefer, Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. Some of them sported leather jackets. Very macho, and, dare I say it, very sexy.

Rabobanker Kathryn Kromer was LaVerne (or was it Shirley?). Larry Lavagnino (with Donna) came as an outgoing mayor. Alice Patino (where did you get those black sneakers?) came as a probable incoming mayor.

At the command and control desk:
Taylor Diani (left), Jason Diani (center), and Yvonne Biely (right) came together at the Noontime Rotary's annual fundraiser and funfest. Event chair and president-elect Biely said she had a "terrific committee." Jason Diani was the banker.

There was a very full house. Jason Diani told me that they sold 450 tickets and had quite a few walk-ins.

Event chairperson Yvonne Biely looked pretty pleased with the goings-on.

And there was a lot going on.

First, there were several silent auction tables, loaded with a variety of tantalizing items. Among them: a generator (that got everybody’s attention), a $500 bicycle, a Bernina sewing machine, a handbag from Neiman Marcus, and my personal favorite (in terms of “let’s be different”), a coyote hunt for one. Transportation, lunch, and use of rifle were included in this unusual package.

Secondly, there was a full-service, hosted bar. And I mean full service. Anything you could possibly want libation-wise. Drinks were included in the very affordable $50 ticket.

Third, there was the food court, catered by Martin Testa. This was such a clever idea. At one popular food station, there were very good, big hot dogs and fried onion rings. At another table, labeled “Chinese Mann Theatre,” there was fried rice, orange chicken, and beef broccoli. Next to that was “Macelli’s Italian food,” i.e., lasagna, Caesar salad, and bread sticks.

Icons from the fifties:
Anna Libbons was at the Noontime Rotary Fundraiser, "Some Like It Hot," at the Santa Maria Fairpark. Her handcrafted glass mosaics of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean (pictured) sold for $800 for the pair in the live auction.

Doc Burnstein’s provided sundaes at their 1950s “soda fountain.”

Isn’t that so much fun and too cute for words?

Loving Rotary’s party pizzazz were John Reinacher and Dawn Rust, John and Cindy Ross, and George and Pam Risher.

David and Liz Addamo hosted a wine tasting station, as did Doug and Terri Lee Coleman. Liz, I love your Facebook communiques!

Among those enjoying the revelry were Robert and Sandra Dickerson, Mike and Linda Cordero, and Dr. Randall and Karen Goodman.

Randy Baxley, who owns the Templeton Livestock Yards, did the auction honors.

This event was a great opportunity for bidders with an itchy trigger finger. Offered in the live auction was a trap shoot and barbecue for 20 at the Santa Maria Gun Club. No coyotes.

Also in the auction was a pair of stained glass mosaics, in black and white, of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Artist Anna Libbons handcrafted this impressive set.

This event benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley, along with some other charities.

All in all, a great evening. Rotary, you rock!

If you want to hobnob with Helen, you may contact her at

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