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Create your own hero!

Miranda Mejia was a student in the Discovery Museum’s summer writing camp, Writing is Super!, led by Sun Managing Editor Amy Asman. The students created super heroes, sidekicks, and villains, and drew their very own comic strips. Here’s what Miranda had to say about the experience: “I came up with a character named Sassy Girl. Her sidekick’s name is Sassy Cat, with mega-super-long nails. But they both have a weakness: water. Now, I know what you’re thinking: everyone needs water in order to live. But these two don’t. Technically, Sassy Girl and Sassy Cat have different reasons why they can’t have water. Sassy Girl can’t have any water touch her; otherwise, her powers are gone for an entire week! For Sassy Cat, it seems if she gets water, her nails will get all dull. And you do not want to see her face when that happens! It is time to tell you about their mysterious powers. Sassy Girl can shoot bombs, fly, and transform herself into a tiger, the Statue of Liberty, or a human’s belongings. Sassy Cat, on the other hand, has poisonous nails. Whenever they win a battle, they never give each other high fives or high paws. Their enemy’s name is Laser Woman. When she shoots her lasers, the victim instantly dies—but not Sassy Girl or Sassy Cat. Those two clever heroes shield themselves, and when the laser hits the silver shield, it bounces off and directly goes to the one who shot it. But when it hits Laser Woman, it doesn’t kill her, either, unless lasers keep hitting her five times in 10 seconds, then she dies, and that’s exactly what happens at the end. So in my experience in this particular camp, I’ve learned something extremely important: take notes while you’re thinking about what you’re going to write. With an artist helping us illustrate and Amy, I learned much more than possible.”

Miranda Mejia is a fourth grader at Patterson Elementary in Orcutt. Discovery Corner is a weekly column in the Sun, highlighting events, science activities, and more for the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum at 705 S. McClelland in Santa Maria. Send comments to

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