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Honoring the dead


The annual gathering inside the Santa Maria Town Center mall honoring people who have passed as part of Dia de Los Muertos was quite a success this year. Many visitors attended the celebration to see the altars created for loved ones who are no longer with us. The early November holiday has its roots in Mexico.

Never forget:
Francisco Solorios’ Dia de los Muertos altar was set up inside the Santa Maria Town Center mall.

Various displays at the mall boasted photographs and personal effects ranging from jewelry to food that were special to the person who had passed. One altar was covered with a few beers, a pack of beef jerky, photographs, and a surfboard that belonged to Francisco “Paquito” Solorio, the victim of a fatal great white shark attack at Surf Beach in Lompoc. In many of the pictures, Solorio could be seen enjoying life—fishing, surfing, and being with friends and family.

In light of this tragedy, the display attracted many people, including those who don’t usually celebrate Dia de los Muertos. The “day of the dead,” as it’s translated, can resonate throughout many cultures. It's easy to believe that we may be forgotten; this holiday, however, ensures that we will be remembered.

If you haven’t attended a Dia de los Muertos celebration or seen an altar, keep your eyes peeled next year. It can be an eye-opening reminder that even the dead can be more alive than the living and that our legacy does in fact go on.

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