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What about the propositions?


Here’s a rundown on the fate of propositions on California’s Nov. 6 ballot:

Proposition 30, the temporary-tax initiative for the funding of public schools, passed. In an interview with the Sun, Santa Board County Superintendent of Schools Bill Cirone said, “We’re very grateful for the remarkable showing of support in the state and particularly in this county.”

Cirone said he was relieved by the outcome because schools would have faced “very large mid-year cuts” had the proposition failed.

“This shows that voters consider education an important issue for the health and well being of our communities,” he said.

The proposition also guarantees funding for public safety services realigned from state to local governments.

The other initiatives that passed include propositions 35, 36, 39, and 40.

Proposition 35 expands the definition of—and penalties for—human trafficking. Proposition 36 amends the three strikes law to ensure that life sentences are imposed only for serious or violent third felony convictions.

Proposition 39 requires multistate firms to pay income taxes based on their sales in California. The accumulated money will go toward clean/efficient energy projects for the next five years. Proposition 40 retains district lines for current state Senate districts.

Among the initiatives that failed were Proposition 37, which would have required food retailers to label products with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and Proposition 32, which would have prohibited unions, corporations, and government contractors from using payroll-deducted funds for political expenditures.

For a complete list of state propositions, visit the California Secretary of State’s Office website at

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