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Santa Barbara County has almost 3,000 votes left to count

By Taylor O'Connor

Only 2,980 votes are left to be counted in Santa Barbara County after the Clerk-Recorder’s Office updated the election count on Nov. 18, bringing the county one step closer to finalizing the Nov. 8 midterm results—which have to be certified by Dec. 8.  

Santa Barbara County has 2,980 votes left to count, which will be completed before Dec. 8 to finalize the Nov. 8, 2022, midterm elections.

According to updated results, incumbent Gloria Soto is ahead of Steven Funkhouser in the Santa Maria City Council District 3 race by 38 votes, with Soto at 1,714 votes and Funkhouser at 1,676. 

“Our lead feels like a vindication. The voters appreciated that I stuck to facts and my record during the campaign trail,” Soto told the Sun in a statement. “We are cautiously optimistic, and patiently await the final count. Regardless of the outcome, I look forward to continuing to serve our community.” 

Meanwhile in District 4, Maribel Aguilera-Hernandez continued to put space between her and her opponent, Carol Karamitsos, with almost 500 votes separating the two. Aguilera-Hernandez now has 3,148 votes (about 54 percent) and Karamitsos has 2,649 (about 45 percent). 

Preliminary results showed only 92 votes separating the candidates, which later increased to 463 during the Nov. 15 election update, according to previous Sun reporting. Regardless of who wins the District 4 race, it will bring a new face and a different voice to the dais as Etta Waterfield is retiring and moving to Montana. 

“I do hope that the council dynamics are positive and we can move the city forward [by] coming up with creative solutions,” Aguilera-Hernandez told the Sun in a previous interview.

In Lompoc, current Mayor Jenelle Osborne led with 53.89 percent of the votes against her opponent and former City Councilmember Jim Mosby, who received 45.37 percent. Mosby came back to politics after losing his seat to Jeremy Ball in 2020, and Osborne told the Sun in a previous interview that he created many of the problems the city’s been struggling to overcome. 

“There’s a difference in leadership, and my focus is really listening to the community, staff, and fellow members [to find] a collaborative way to move forward,” she said. “We’ve made some huge inroads over the last two years, [but] so much is still needed.” 

At the state level, 37th Assembly District candidate Gregg Hart led with 81,568 votes from Santa Barbara and southern SLO counties, against Mike Stoker, who had 57,920 votes, according to secretary of state election data

Hart led in Santa Barbara County with 77,695 votes (about 59 percent) and Stoker with 53,598 votes (about 40 percent), according to updated results. In SLO County—which had an election update on Nov. 16—Stoker stayed ahead of Hart with about 52 percent of the votes (4,322 votes), and Hart with 47 percent (3,873 votes). 

“I have been a local elected official in Santa Barbara County for many years, and I’m not as well-known in SLO County, but I will be working very hard to reach out to the community and be an effective representative for all parts of the Assembly district,” Hart said in a previous interview. “I’m honored by the support that the voters in the 37th Assembly District have cast. ... [I’m] ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.”

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