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Jackson plans to reintroduce bill to keep guns from repeat DUI offenders


State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) plans to renew her efforts to restrict gun access to people with “repeat alcohol convictions.” 

Her Senate Bill 55 ran aground in the Assembly Public Safety Committee this year, but she hopes to try again early next year. 

According to her office, there is a new study that Jackson says bolsters her bill’s argument. She cited a JAMA Internal Medicine paper from Sept. 30, which reports that handgun purchasers with a past DUI conviction are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes. 

“This study powerfully confirms prior research on this issue and why we must take action,” Jackson said in a news release. “As our nation faces an epidemic of gun violence, we must pursue data-driven policies that will help keep deadly firearms out of the hands of those most at risk of committing future violent and firearm-related crimes. This research clearly demonstrates a link between DUI convictions among handgun purchasers and future violence.”

The report took 78,878 handgun purchasers in California and found that 9 percent with prior DUIs were subsequently arrested for crimes, including murder, rape, and robbery. An estimated 2 percent of handgun buyers without a DUI conviction were arrested for later crimes. The peer-reviewed journal said the study looked at the gun owners over a 13-year period.

Jackson’s bill would restrict access to those with repeat convictions.

The JAMA study was produced by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP). Rose Kagawa, assistant professor of emergency medicine and first author of the VPRP study, said on the university website that alcohol is a known risk factor in gun violence.

“Our study suggests that handgun purchasers with a DUI conviction on their record at the time of purchase have a higher incidence of future violence and crime compared to purchasers without DUI convictions,” Kagawa said in a university write-up of the report.

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