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Police respond to double stabbing on Newlove


A Santa Maria man allegedly stabbed his parents during an incident on the 300 block of Newlove Drive on the morning of May 12, according the Santa Maria Police Department.

When officers arrived on scene, they found 40-year-old Silvia Narciso and 41-year-old Ricardo Ramirez both suffering from stab wounds. The suspect, 21-year-old Jhordy Ramirez, was on-scene and still holding a knife and refused to drop it, the police department said, which led to a brief standoff.

Jhordy eventually dropped the knife but tried to pick it back up, according to police. An officer used a Taser on Jhordy before he was able to re-arm himself.

The department’s Lt. Jess Silva told the Sun that it’s not clear what led to the alleged stabbings.

Both Narciso and Ricardo were taken to the local hospital for treatment. Jhordy was also taken to the hospital for injuries sustained before his arrest. He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

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