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Hobnobbing with Helen: CALM gets loud


All definitely was not calm at CALM’s annual fundraiser Ladies Get Loud.

The conversational buzz generated by a full house of attendees was in keeping with the theme of the evening.

Two hundred ladies turned out at the Santa Maria Country Club on Thursday, April 28, for libations and a light supper served by a crew of 30 dashing and dynamite celebrity waiters.

Among the waiters were Allan Hancock College President Kevin Walthers, Congressional candidate Justin Fareed, and County Supervisor Steve Lavagnino. KCOY lent the services of TV anchors Tony Cabrera and Scott Hennessee for the event. So nice to see them in person!

Mike Buhring and Mark Jackson were among the serving crew that wore dark blue aprons with “CALM” printed on the bib, so you couldn’t miss them and you knew where to look if you wanted more coffee, more wine, or just a glimpse of a guy whose name you night not know. 

Scott Whitley, flanked by Sandra Fuhring (immediate left) and Peggy Blough (immediate right), and two CALM staff members, at CALM’s annual fundraiser on April 28 at the Country Club.

Robbi Gibson drove up from Los Angeles to be a waiter and to surprise his mom, Marla Gibson, who was obviously thrilled to see him. Robbi’s dad, Mike Gibson and sister Sandra Fuhring (a CALM staff member) were in on the ruse.

Honestly, you just never know who will turn up at these events.

Mayor Alice Patino and City Councilwomen Terri Zuniga and Etta Waterfield, City Manager Rick Haydon, and former Lompoc Mayor Joyce Howerton were among the dignitaries in the crowd.

Jay Turner was the exuberant emcee/DJ who would never turn down the opportunity to be amidst so much feminine company, which included Deby Flynn, Nancy Stewart, Karen Cordary, Sandra Dickerson, and Shannon Walthers.

Peggy Blough, chairperson of CALM’s North County Advisory Committee, enjoyed the evening while her husband, Dan, played the role of wandering photographer. North County Advisory Committee member Judy Markline, who has a soft spot in her heart for at-risk kids, hosted a table. 

Celebrity waiters worked at CALM’s annual fundraiser, Ladies Get Loud, held on Thursday, April 28, at the Santa Maria Country Club.

This particular event was interesting in that it attracted a fair number of younger women. Not an easy feat.

CALM’s chief development officer, Lori Goodman, told me that CALM didn’t want the ladies to be hungry, so this year, instead of serving a continuous round of hors d’oeuvres at the tables, CALM provided a tasty hot chicken concoction served in a vol-au-vent (I love that word), which is French for puff pastry cup (think Pepperidge Farm), salad, and dessert. Helping to stave off hunger pangs, there were on the table cheese, crackers, grapes, and mixed nuts. 

If you want to hobnob with Helen, you may contact her at helenthom232@yahoo.com.

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