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Isla Vista community reacts to Deltopia 2014 disturbance


Santa Barbara recently made national headlines for reports of “civil unrest” at Deltopia 2014, an annual Spring Break kegger in

Isla Vista.

According to a press release from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, a collection of law enforcement agencies took to the streets April 5 to control an unruly crowd of about 15,000 people.

A major disturbance broke out around 9:30 p.m. following an incident in which a UC Santa Barbara police officer was hit in the head with a backpack containing bottles of alcohol. During the arrest, a large crowd gathered and threw rocks, bricks, and bottles at law enforcement personnel.

The officers declared an “unlawful assembly” and used “chemical agents and less-lethal foam projectiles” to disperse the crowd, the press release said. 

During the faceoff, people also ripped up stop signs, lit several small fires, and 
damaged property, including several squad cars. Throughout the day, more than 100 people were arrested, and at least 44 people were transported to the hospital.

What didn’t receive as much attention were the numerous students and other local residents who worked through the night and the next day to clean up the mess left by the party.

“All of my thanks to everyone who took to the streets armed not with broken bottles, but bags and brooms, from the night after the riots through Sunday, and cleaned up the broken glass while inhaling tear-gas-dust debris—and to all those who continue to do so, because there’s always more to be done,” UCSB student Evan Crook wrote on the Deltopia 2014 Facebook page.

“There’s a thousand posts on the negatives here, so I just want to point out that there were, are, and always will be people who are helping. There will always be the drunk assholes, but there will also always be the people that care about the community, those who want to party responsibly and not cause trouble or those who don’t want to party at all (which is totally cool too!),” Crook wrote in the post.

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