Friday, October 19, 2018     Volume: 19, Issue: 33

Santa Maria Sun / News

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Santa Barbara County pot growers walk a fine line between staying legal, angering their neighbors, and getting raided

A U-Haul van packed with pounds of freshly harvested marijuana eases its way down the narrow winding road on the back side of Cebada Canyon. As it rolls and bucks against uneven terrain, the driver brings the vehicle to a complete stop on the right shoulder to let a gunmetal Honda Accord pass by.  "That's one of the good ones," Elizabeth explains, who asked the Sun to withhold her last name because her ranch has already been vandalized by people who she claims are illegal cannabis cultivators.  The traffic i... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Bright young leaders vs. old business as usual

We have a clear choice in the Nov. 6 Santa Maria City Council elections. We can re-elect the same old people who will continue business as usual, or we can choose Rafael Gutierrez and Gloria Soto: two visionary, energetic young leaders who will give our city 20-20 vision. Santa Maria is the largest city between Salinas and Oxnard, but we are still run like a cow town. We have a part-time mayor and part-time City Council ... [ Read More ]

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