Sunday, April 19, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 6

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Do you think Lucia Mar's teachers should have taken the deal offered by the district?

Screw the district. Teachers should be striking.
The whole thing took too long.
Unions ruin everything.
I don't understand any of it.

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

Spice problems: Guadalupe City Council recently outlawed the possession of synthetic cannabinoids, but how dangerous are they, exactly?

Police officers see a juvenile in a small alleyway of a residential neighborhood in Guadalupe. Thinking he might be tagging, they stop to check for vandalism.  The young man isn’t vandalizing property, but he isn’t complying with their instructions, either. He is sweaty, agitated, and strangely aggressive with the officers. In the weirdly flat language of police-speak, they “deployed a Taser to affect an arrest,” frying the teenager with an electrical current, handcuffing him, and bringing him in. &... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


The banned wagon

This is a bit early in the year for me to be making one of my semi-regular pushes to get people to not just read, but to read consciously and intentionally, since I usually reserve making such a case for Banned Books Week in the fall. The American Library Association, however, just released its list of the most frequently challenged books from 2014, and that list got me all worked up about what gets people all worked up.... [ Read More ]