Wednesday, December 2, 2020     Volume: 21, Issue: 39

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Canceled holiday travel plans got you down? Local food and drink attractions can bring you back up this winter season BY MALEA MARTIN Home for the holidays” may be taking on a more serious tone this year with many people’s travel plans in limbo, but there’s one thing that won’t be canceled no matter how hard the ’rona tries: holiday feasting. That feasting may look different this year, but from drive-through holiday dinners to festive wine pairings, the foodies of Santa Barbara and San Luis Ob... [ Read Article ]


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Central Coast leftists are traveling a dangerous path

Oh, no! Once again, our Central Coast “woketariat” is in an uproar! This time, the irritated and indignant insurgents have fixed their sights on Cuesta College Trustee Pete Sysak, and on Paso Robles school district Clerk Chris Arends and demand their banishment for the usual liberal litany of “-isms.” What has our youthful cadre of activists in such dudgeon? Well, for one, Sysak had the temerity t... [ Read More ]

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Would a second stay-at-home order be effective at slowing the spread of COVID-19?

No, pandemic fatigue is too high to get people to follow a stay-at-home order.
Yes, we need it, otherwise our hospitals will be in rough shape.
Local governments should get a say—not all purple tier counties are the same.
It would be bad news for the economy.

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