Friday, September 4, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 26

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

Mission to sainthood: Father Junipero Serra helped establish the California mission system, but is he saint material?

Washington, D.C., stands some 3,000 miles from the site of Mission Carmel, once the home base of Father Junipero Serra, an evangelist Franciscan from the island of Mallorca.  With a bum leg and a handful of starving Spaniards, that tiny priest founded a backbone of missions in what was then called Alta California—a massive hinterland of shrubs, oak, and sun—to stake out a distant colony on the remote edges of a dying empire. And now, roughly 250 years later, Pope Francis will most likely canonize Father Serra... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Environmental justice delayed is justice denied

It’s often said justice delayed is justice denied. For millions who live in disadvantaged California communities, environmental justice, protection from the noxious effects of air pollution and other ambient toxins, is long overdue.  It has been more than 20 years since President Clinton signed Executive Order 12898, focusing federal attention on environmental and human health effects on minority and low-incom... [ Read More ]