Friday, February 5, 2016     Volume: 16, Issue: 48

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What do you do to help keep your neighborhood safe?

I'm a member of our Neighborhood Watch.
I make a point to get to know all my neighbors.
I peer through the blinds making sure nothing is amiss.
I warn my neighbors whenever my husband is cooking dinner.

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

Reclaiming a community: Santa Maria's skyrocketing street gang violence is met with resilience and hope by local government, organizations, churches, and citizens converging in the One Community Action Coalition

The boardroom of the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District was packed wall to wall with people on Jan. 28. They gathered there in an attempt to address a dire situation in Santa Maria: the eruption of street violence leaving local youth and adults bleeding in the streets.  It was the first One Community Action Coalition gathering of the new year and included school educators and administrators, local politicians, law enforcement, community group members, church leaders, and concerned citizens—more than have eve... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


How you can help someone at risk for suicide

One of the scariest things you can experience is the fear that someone you know may be suicidal. When a friend, family member, or associate shows some of the warning signs for suicide, it’s essential to intervene and take action to get that person to the help they need. When someone is suicidal, they’re in a disassociated state in which they are experiencing extreme self-hatred. How can you lift a person out o... [ Read More ]