Thursday, November 23, 2017     Volume: 18, Issue: 38

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Republican push: In the age of Trump, local GOP members and candidates organize in preparation for the 2018 elections

The crowd buzzed under a long, shady barn in Los Alamos. An old flatbed truck served as an impromptu stage where a performer strummed an acoustic guitar and sang cowboy songs. Attendees sat or stood, eating catered food and sipping drinks, chatting while they waited for the scheduled speakers on the warm August afternoon of Aug. 26. An American flag hung in one corner. A cardboard cutout of President Donald Trump stood in front of the stars and stripes, giving the double thumbs up. The Santa Barbara County Chapter of Californian... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Lompoc residents concerned over cannabis referendum

Following a series of one-sided hearings on a proposed cannabis use ordinance in Lompoc, many locals are very concerned at the policy that was adopted by council members Jim Mosby, Jenelle Osborne, and Victor Vega. Following a campaign promise in 2016, Councilwoman Osborne led the crafting of the ordinance over the last several months. The first ordinance—prepared with input from professionals in all city departmen... [ Read More ]

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