Saturday, June 6, 2020     Volume: 21, Issue: 14

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Hey, you guys! Guess what? It’s June, and the days are becoming that special kind of Central Coast warm. You can still hit the beach, and things are starting to reopen! And that’s not all. We didn’t forget to put together our annual Summer Guide issue for you! Although the activities and events are a smidge different than in other years, there is still plenty to do this summer. Arts Editor Caleb Wiseblood can show you what’s out there. [ Read Article ]


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But foresight was desperately needed in the case of COVID-19

This has been a very chaotic couple of weeks on the COVID-19 front. I am surprised but happy at the pace that Gov. Newsom and Santa Barbara County have adopted in reopening most businesses, even though there are many restrictions. I am not complaining, but the “science” that the governor has repeatedly said would guide his every move hasn’t changed much, at least in this county, for the last month. The ... [ Read More ]

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What do you think about Aera Energy canceling its project in Cat Canyon?

It's a victory for the environment!
It's a loss of a lot of potential jobs that are needed in North County.
I'm all for renewable energy, but we still need oil and gas.
The county should never approve another oil and gas project.

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