Sunday, January 25, 2015     Volume: 15, Issue: 46

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Why do you think car thefts are on the rise in Santa Maria?

Santa Maria is an unsafe place, and it's getting worse.
People are dumb and leave their keys in the ignition.
It's because unemployment is so high.
All of the above.

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Weight loss roulette: With so many fads and diets to choose from, which is the healthiest bet?

A woman with dark brown hair, a paisley-print top, and brown slacks points to a mass of words projected on a classroom wall in the Elwin Mussel Senior Center. She talks to an audience of 11 about sugar and healthy food. “A lot of these so-called health foods aren’t even healthy,” she says. “Check the sugar, check the fat—no matter if it's organic or whatever.” Processed foods are a gigantic no-no—organic, “healthy,” or otherwise—for Debbie Belardino, a natural weight... [ Read Article ]


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