Monday, November 18, 2019     Volume: 20, Issue: 37

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Don't like the NRA but love the Second Amendment and liberal ideals? There's a club for that

Depressing the trigger, kickback hammers my body as the bullet exits the barrel.  The polished wooden stock jams into the part of my shoulder where it’s nestled, rocking me back as I open my closed eye, hoping to catch a glimpse of what I hit more than 300 yards away.  There isn’t a dust cloud, and the men at my back nod their heads in approval.  I hit the target, and I’m determined do it again. Shooters to my right and left are also firing. The sound ricochets off the wall behind me and the... [ Read Article ]


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Should school districts invest more into vocational and career technical programs?

Yes. Students need to get on a career path as soon as possible.
No. It's more important for students to learn study skills than specific disciplines.
No. District should save money by partnering with businesses to offer more internships.
Yes, but only if these programs also count for college credit.

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