Thursday, July 28, 2016     Volume: 17, Issue: 21

Weekly Poll
How do you feel about the Chumash tribe expanding their casino without county oversight?

They shouldn't be allowed to expand their casino without proper permits.
They can do whatever they want on their ancestral land.
I feel sorry for the residents of Santa Ynez.
I can't wait to try the new buffet.

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

A new chapter

They were here before. Before there was Santa Ynez or Santa Barbara County or the United States, before there were casinos or environmental impact reports or legal restrictions on water usage, before there was Christianity or even monotheism, there were the Chumash. Tens of thousands of them once spread across 7,000 square miles in present-day California, hunting, gathering, and fishing. In the 18th century, Spanish missionaries changed that, carrying European diseases with them to the Santa Barbara Channel and wiping out much of... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


We must help make the killings stop

The shootings continue. The deaths continue. We hear that Americans are angry, divided, fed up. But we are all horrified by the outcome in blood. And almost everyone shares the same reaction: Make the violence stop.First we must acknowledge that no other modern, civilized country on earth has the gun deaths we do here in the U.S. It's not even close. Only two countries on the planet enshrine the right to bear arms in thei... [ Read More ]