Sunday, January 17, 2021     Volume: 21, Issue: 46

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Santa Barbara County Foodbank volunteers reflect back on what it was like to serve the community during unprecedented times of need BY MALEA MARTIN Sherri Ederer started volunteering at The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County about a year and a half ago, meaning she was well-acquainted with what typical operations looked like pre-pandemic. So when the public health crisis began to take hold, the sudden increased need for food bank services was striking. “I tend to sign up for pre-pack, which is where every bag is packed... [ Read Article ]


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Pay equity is essential in local government jobs

Anyone who works for a living gets paid to do it; the amount they receive depends on what the employer feels the job is worth. Most employee unions, large employers, and government agencies employ experts to establish what they call “pay equity.” But how do they do it? This is important information when worker representatives (unions) are negotiating compensation packages with the employers and weigh heavily ... [ Read More ]

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Are you changing your behavior given the ever-worsening COVID-19 surge in Santa Barbara County?

Yes, I'm locking down even more strictly than the beginning of the pandemic.
No, I don't believe my individual actions can make a huge difference.
I have a close bubble, and I'm sticking to it.
I'll be more cautious until cases peak, but we have to keep living our lives.

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