Saturday, February 23, 2019     Volume: 19, Issue: 51

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Government closed: How did Central Coast cities, nonprofits, and workers cope with the partial government shutdown?

It was nearing noon outside the Internal Revenue Service’s branch office in Santa Maria. After weeks of wet weather, it was sunny again, and the bright light coming from a cloudless sky warmed the cracked black asphalt of the building’s mostly empty parking lot. An American flag hung limply from a tall pole. There was no wind to lift it. Like the parking lot, the IRS office was completely empty. The doors were locked, and a large sign on the door announced, “In the event of a government shutdown this office wil... [ Read Article ]


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Green dreamin'

Wow! The Democratic Party is taking on a new face: young ambitious faces, many of them women and persons of color, arrayed in new ideas, grand plans, and endowed with a passionate intensity, inspiring a hope we haven't seen since the early Obama days. (Whatever happened to that anyway?) Some of the recently elected congresspersons, their benches in Congress barely warm, flush with recent election victories, are already li... [ Read More ]

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Did the federal government shutdown impact you or your family?

Yes. We missed paychecks and had to make some tough decisions.
I don't work for the government, and it didn't impact me at all.
I don't have a government job, but I still missed out on important services.
I'm glad it happened. Who needs airport security anyway?

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