Monday, April 22, 2019     Volume: 20, Issue: 7

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From the earth: Natural building techniques aren't part of modern society, but some want to change that

Wisps of wind whip soft sand up from a private road that began in and meanders to what could rightfully be labeled the middle of nowhere. Low-slung buildings creep into view between the squat, stocky vegetation that covers the desert hills outside of Cuyama. Goats snack on shrubs, and a couple of white sheep dogs bound next to the car, barking. A trail takes visitors from the parking area to an office constructed of straw bales coated in clay soil, sand, and straw. "Welcome to Quail Springs," a sign says. Soft, wea... [ Read Article ]


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What do you think of the county's new permitting process for hoop houses?

Farmers already have too many regulations to adhere to.
It was necessary to clarify the permitting process.
The process will help protect wildlife.
Cannabis growers are the problem, not other farmers!

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