Tuesday, October 13, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 31

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Do you think undocumented immigrants burden the city?

No they are hard working and contribute in many ways.
Yes they use resources that should go to citizens.
I'm still undecided.
I don't care as long as it doesn't directly affect me.

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

El Niño cometh: Meteorologists forecast winter storms of historic proportions on the Central Coast

There’s been plenty of speculation about whether or not this winter will bring big storms along with lots and lots of water. Forecasters won’t say for certain, but there is one thing we do know: water, the wet stuff of life on earth, is currently in short supply.  It’s hard to imagine a storm that could bring much, in fact, when water has been scarce for so long. It’s a rare thing to see water running in the streets or falling from the sky these days. It’s so rare that California set aside $30 ... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Who can claim the pope?

Pope Francis’s address to Congress was remarkable in surprising ways and especially relevant for the Santa Maria Valley. The pope exemplified four historical figures (“great Americans”) in calling for a more egalitarian and compassionate American society. Only one was a woman, but think about the woman the pope chose.  First, consider one woman the pope might have spoken about, but didn’t: El... [ Read More ]