Friday, November 27, 2015     Volume: 16, Issue: 38

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What's your favorite mode of transportation?

Plane. There's no safer way to travel.
Rail. I've always had a fondness for trains.
My own two feet.
You mean there's more than one?

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Santa Maria Sun / News

Cover Story

Safety on the tracks: A rail project proposal has caused debate among coastal residents, but how safe is rail transport in general, and are first responders ready to handle a potential emergency?

Miles and miles of railroad track snake up the California coast though big cities and small towns. For coastal residents in SLO and Santa Barbara counties, those rails and the trains that run on them were a seemingly banal part of every day existence.  Walking in cities like Santa Barbara, Guadalupe, Pismo Beach, and San Luis Obispo, residents see the tracks and hear the sounds of trains every day. So ubiquitous was the presence of the railroad that what was once considered a modern marvel and a near-miraculous revolution i... [ Read Article ]


Santa Maria Sun / Opinion


Helping children navigate challenging times

Like millions of people around the world, I watched TV coverage of the chaos and carnage in Paris with growing revulsion and dread. My heart went out to the victims and family members of those so profoundly affected by such barbarism and terror. In a thoughtful Time magazine article on the impact of tragedies on children, columnist Belinda Luscombe pointed out that when terrible events such as the attacks in Paris happen... [ Read More ]