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The Cimo Brothers win Best Live Performance at the tenth annual New Times Music Awards on Nov. 2

By Glen Starkey

It's Friday, Nov. 2, and all the beautiful people are in SLO's Fremont Theater for the 2018 New Times Music Awards (NTMAs). There's glitz, there's glamour, and there's a whole lotta music filling up the old art deco theater.

The Cimo Brothers won best song in the Country/Folk/Americana genre and Best Live Performance during this year’s New Times Music Awards (NTMAs) in the Fremont Theater.

The Sun and New Times welcomed musicians of all stripes from Santa Barbara and SLO counties to contribute their albums, songs, and instrumental music created in the last year for the competition. The NTMAs gave out those awards but also saw winners perform for the chance at the Best Live Performance award.

First up are the youth category winners–Rio Fleming, Sacha Carlson, and Escaping Monochrome–who deliver short but crafty sets of their original music, reminding everyone in attendance that there's a deep well of talent ready to rise through the ranks of the Central Coast music scene.

The first genre-winner performance features Open category second place winner Brass Mash. First place winner Shadowlands unfortunately was unable to perform because one member had a previous gig in LA, but Brass Mash delivers a foot-stomping set of all-horn mash-ups.

Ultimate Best Live Performance winner and Country/Folk/Americana winners the Cimo Brothers are up next, putting on a dazzling display of musicianship and generating tons of stage presence and charisma. They look hard to beat, and they are!

Rogue Status won best song in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre and the Readers’ Choice Award in the 2018 NTMAs.

Izara was set to perform next as winner of the R&B/Blues genre, but laryngitis struck! Luckily, second place winner Haniah stepped in at the last minute to take her spot, delivering a soulful set of R&B.

Arthur Watership, winner in the Rock/Alternative genre is up next, demonstrating why they've been getting so much airplay on KCBX 90.1FM's Morning Cup show. They're crazy creative, and the music is complicated without being fussy. This is turning into a truly eclectic show!

The final act is Rogue Status, a North SLO County hip-hop collective of talented emcees, and they've come to win! About 50 people get out of their seats and rush the stage to dance. Rogue's got the beats, the grooves, the samples, and the swagger, and the judges are torn ... but in the end, the Cimo Brothers are the big winners!

Brass Mash won second place in the Open category and delivered a fantastic live performance of all-horn instrumentals.

To top things off, the very first NTMA winner, Damon Castillo, was awarded a new bronze Newtie Award. New Times owners Bob Rucker and Alex Zuniga crafted this first award out of wood 10 years ago, with an actual vintage-looking microphone mounted on the base. It was the prototype of the cast bronze Newties we started awarding the second year. Now Castillo has one that will last forever.

We've come a long way, baby! Here's to the next 10 years! And 10 more after that! Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to all who attended, and as always, support live music! 



And the winners are ...

Best Album

1 John Stephen, Acustico

2 Jim Conroy, Magical Door

3 Doug Macrae, A Time for Everything

Best Songwriter

1 Jill Knight, "Carolina"

2 Stephen Styles, "California"

3 Banjer Dan, "Life's a Gamble"


1 Cimo Brothers, "Good Times"

2 Black Match, "Same Old Things"

3 Don Lampson, "Solitary"


1 Rogue Status, "Peaceful"

2 Kody Balboa, "I Know"

3 Famous Deuce, "Mafia"

Open Category

1 Shadowlands, "Wilderness"

2 Brass Mash, "Toxicity From A Rose"

3 David Alm, "Oceano"


1 Izara, "Fight to Survive"

2 Haniah, "Twisted"

3 Crooked Eye Tommy, "Baby Where You Been"


1 Arthur Watership, "Holy Lighter"

2 Oceanaire, "26"

3 Mathias Clark, "Sail Away"


1 Escaping Monochrome, "Is It Sad"

2 Sacha Carlson, "Oblivion"

3 Rio Fleming, "Be the Blaze of the Night"

Readers' Choice

Rogue Status

Best Live Performance

Cimo Brothers

Glen Starkey is the senior staff writer for the Sun's sister paper, New Times. He can be reached at

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