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Local singer/songwriter Jineanne Coderre performs originals and covers across the Central Coast


Ever since she was a small child, Jineanne Coderre heard music, and it wasn't long before she was making her own.

Now a dental hygienist and professional singer/songwriter on the side who dazzles audiences across the Central Coast with her voice, Coderre recalled growing up with her parents, both skilled musicians and lovers of music.

Jineanne Coderre sang in local bands like Soulamente and Steppin’ Out for years before she began writing her own music and performing solo on the Central Coast.

"My dad first noticed I had a knack for singing when we would watch sports on TV, and the national anthem would come on and I would try to sing along," Coderre told the Sun in an email interview.

"Mind you, my dad and mom also have a deep love for music themselves. Music was and has always been a huge part of the Filipino culture," she said. "I don't know a Filipino who doesn't have a karaoke machine! Where there was any family get together, holiday, special occasion, there was always music, singing, and dancing involved."

Her dad, Toto Columnas, played guitar and sang. Her mother, Judy Columnas, sang also, and danced. Together they filled rooms with rhythm and dance, and "were pretty much my first inspirations," she said.

Even as a youngster Coderre could sing, and her parents had her join in with their music making.

"I can't lie, there were times where they would make me the center of entertainment at every friend and family get-together, and as a kid, you just want to be a kid and do your own thing," she said. "But as I got older, I started to appreciate music and singing even more now than I ever have. It has grown on me and has become a huge part of my life, and I thank my parents a lot for it. And since it was just Mother's Day, and Father's Day is around the corner, I have to give a lot of credit and love to my parents."

Live in Santa Maria
Jineanne Coderre performs live on May 26 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Costa De Oro Winery, 1331 Nicholson Ave., Santa Maria. More info: (805) 922-1468 or

Coderre's musical journey only begins with her family parties, and spans years of performance across the Central Coast in well-known local bands and her own solo shows. Her next performance is May 26 at Costa De Oro Winery in Santa Maria, where she'll share a range of cover music and originals.

After singing vocals for years with bands like Soulamente and Steppin' Out, Coderre "finally started to come out of my shell," she said, and focus on her solo work. It was a lifelong process for her to reach the point where she felt comfortable performing alone, and she grew in skill and confidence over the years after working with those bands, she said.

"I was very timid, soft spoken, shy, a little insecure, so trying to be the lead female singer for Soulamente was a bigger challenge, but I was happy and determined to take on the challenge," she said. "Gradually, like anything with practice, I gained more confidence and finally started to come out of my shell."

She also met her husband, Michael, through Soulamente—he was the band's bassist at the time.

Coderre performs alone or in a duo often at local wineries, tasting rooms, breweries, events, and other venues. She brings cover songs from across decades with her and has some of her own songs to share as well.

She can play just about anything for most crowds, but "it all depends on the crowd and what the people want," she said. That's especially true of cover songs, she said, and it all depends on what people like.

"I like choosing a wide variety, but I try to keep it to my own style and fusion mix of R&B, jazz, pop, and soul," she said. "Anything from Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones and Earth Wind and Fire to Michael Jackson."

Jineanne Coderre performs her original song “Listen,” in a video posted on her website and YouTube. She said tries to “get in the zone of the current mood and feeling” with her songs, and isn’t afraid to “dig deeper” with her lyrics.

Coderre's original music easily encompasses all those styles and influences. With a smooth, jazzy yet undeniably pop-influenced tone, she explores her vocal abilities with a power and ease.

Coderre shows undeniable talent in an acoustic performance of the song "Listen," which she has posted to YouTube and her website, revealing skilled musicianship with both the guitar and her voice together. Easy, finger-picked chords, followed by rhythmic, jazzy comps for her soulful vocals make for a direct transmission.

"It's a very emotional song really, and I'm not using any crazy hard chords, it's really all very simple chords," she said. "Sometimes simple is better."

The guitar is there to serve her voice, which is star of the show. The ease with which her words flow amid skillful vocal ornamentations illustrates the passionate clarity Coderre has for her poetry.

"No need to make things complicated/Emotion and fear are overrated/One step at a time, no need to rewind/Get up, breathe in, and take it slow/In time you will know," she sings in the opening verse.

When she wrote that song, Coderre took a "self-talk approach," she explained. She was dealing with her own self-esteem issues and fear of being at the center of attention again, and used the songwriting process to explore those feelings.

"Many times we are our own worst enemies, when we should be our best friends looking out for our own good," she said. "I think a lot of people can relate in some ways or another, but I like to think that if we just took the time to 'Listen,' slow down, calm the negative thoughts and energy, we might be able to just find what we are looking for."

With a single currently in the works, the best way to hear Coderre other than on YouTube is to go see her live. No matter where she is, it's a treat. I first saw her perform at a Vintners Festival years ago, where she had a wonderful command of classic jazz.

Coderre usually performs on the weekends, mostly because she works full time during the week as a dental hygienist. She doesn't have all the time in the world to record albums and write songs, but she still books regular performances and has projects she's working on, she said.

"Balancing is tricky when you've got a mortgage and other bills to pay, a full-time job as a hygienist, a husband, a dog, house chores, and everything in between," she said. "But I really can't complain; I've been fortunate to have music and singing as an outlet to express myself and to continue to grow and develop my craft. Some people know me as the 'singing dental hygienist,' and some of my patients will be caught off guard when they find out later that I sing as well, especially when they actually catch me in action at a gig."

Coderre has made time over the years for collaborators though, like Joel De Leon. The two together, with help from producer Brett Eclectic from Sneer Records, just released a new EP on April 27 under their duo name Modern Modern. The collection is called Outtamyhead EP, and is a "mix of funk, electro-soul, synth, and R&B," she said. That EP is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming platforms.

After the Santa Maria show, Coderre has a show at the Sea Pines Resort in Los Osos in June opening for the Damon Castillo Band. Castillo is also helping her produce the single she has in the works, called "Cool," which should be ready "in the next few months," she said.

Whether she's performing at a resort, in wine country, or at a wedding, Coderre always aims at playing "Cool," like her new song, she said, in tune with the beat and the emotion of the moment. There's always surprises, like a winemaker taking to the drums or maybe some cowbell when she sings with a bigger band, but just like for her parents, it's all about connecting and having a good time.

Coderre can't keep the music out, even when she's at her day job, cleaning teeth, with songs running through her head.

"It's just like singing in the shower—I hum while I clean people's teeth," she said. "Sometimes patients will compliment my humming, and I just smile."

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