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About Time blend love and harmony on the Central Coast


It’s a brisk night at Naughty Oak Brewing Company, where friends are reuniting in town on the holiday weekend over brews and sometimes-raucous conversation. The small tasting room is considerably warmer than the chill patio, not just because of the temperature, but the music emanating from the corner.

An acoustic strum meets the bite of an electric guitar, and two clear voices sound strong on their own notes, filling the space with harmony. Diehard fans cheered and casual barflies joined in as well as About Time wrapped up a rousing medley of three-chord favorites.

Aaron Salazar and Caitlyn Vassaur started their duo About Time in 2014. Since then, the two have honed their style and are performing at favorite venues across the Central Coast.

About Time, a duo created by local couple Caitlyn Vassaur and Aaron Salazar, has really grown into itself over the last year. Or should I say, Vassaur and Salazar have really developed their sound together.

The two came together as a couple before they started collaborating seriously, Salazar said. Their first gig was in 2014, he explained, when the two pooled some of their favorite songs after they got offered a spot to play at the Moxie Café, which began hosting live music at the time.

They came up with the name of their group after reflecting on why they hadn’t performed together before, Salazar said.

“Since we had been together for a while before we started playing music, it was like, well, it’s about time we started doing this,” Salazar said. “We’re both very musical people, we’ve had extensive musical histories, so once we finally decided to join forces, it was like, ‘About Time.’”

The Moxie Café quickly became their regular haunt—one of those performances included piano played by yours truly. The venue really allowed the duo to develop their style, they explained.

Since then, the two have grown a lot together both musically and with the range of venues they perform at on the Central Coast. They are seen a lot more in wine country, including a recent show at Bottlest in Buellton and a scheduled show later this month at Rideau Vineyard in Solvang.

Performances like the one at Naughty Oak are a reminder of who About Time are. Salazar and Vassaur are both Righetti High School graduates who’ve played music most of their lives. She was a “choir kid,” and he was in punk bands, but these days both have a wide range of taste across the Great American Songbook that they enjoy interpreting together.

Shows coming up
About Time has a few upcoming shows, including a concert on Jan. 12 from 3 to 7 p.m. at Vitamin and Herb Stores, 1130 E.Clark Ave., suite 120, Orcutt.
The duo also performs on Jan. 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Rideau Vineyard, 1562 Alamo Pintado Road, Solvang.
Another show is Jan. 27 at Plenty on Bell, 508 Bell St., Los Alamos.
Keep a track of About Time’s shows on their Facebook page at

“For me, as a singer and an artist who’s had individual experience, I really feel that our harmonies is where we really make stuff come to life,” Vassaur said. “The fact that our voices blend so well together is just a thing with so many people, and never have I had such ease with a partner in making vocal harmony.”

The different backgrounds that both brought to About Time has had an effect on each others’ style. It’s something you wouldn’t know unless you’ve heard each perform over the years (as a fellow Righetti grad of the same year, I have), but the two have merged their own distinct musical characters.

“Now it’s like we’re blending our two worlds musically,” Salazar said. “Where I’m more rough, raw, Caitlyn is more sweet and polished.”

And of course, Salazar sounds more polished these days while Vassaur isn’t afraid to get raw in her vocal lines.

“Us getting together and playing music has been such a liberating experience because I’ve been able to unlock the real artist in me,” Vassaur said. “My creative flow is unlocked so much more because Aaron has really given me the space to find that rougher, gritty side that I feel.”

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