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This is mismanagement

Toru Miyoshi

By Santa Maria

It was disappointing to read about Mayor Alice Patino’s inappropriate attack on a law firm representing a city employee by calling them “bloodsuckers.” Her outrageous comments may lead to a lawsuit, but the important issue is compromising the employee’s constitutional right of due process. For any elected official to make such a derogatory statement before a scheduled hearing is an indication of arrogance and lack of good judgment.

The city employee was challenging her discharge through the appeal process. The arbitrator’s findings stated the city basis for firing her was wrong and that she should be rehired. The city manager ignored the findings of the arbitrator, thereby justifying legal representation.

This action is demoralizing to all city employees because they have no recourse against any unfair treatment by the city management. If there was any justification for labor unions, this would be a great cause to take a collective stand to protect employees’ constitutional rights.

Now a planning commissioner appointed by the mayor opposed a 7/11 store because it looked like “crap.” The proposed location is zoned commercial, therefore a 7/11 store is a permitted use. The design of the proposed store is subject to the Entrada plan, so for the Planning Commission to deny the property owner his/her right to use his land in accordance with the zoning is subjecting the city to another possible lawsuit.

I consider this mismanagement by the city manager; elected and appointed officials are keeping attorneys busy, and the taxpayers are paying the bill.

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