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Babies should be wanted

Santa Maria

By Carole Roadarmel

The recent opinion by the Canary describing the Safety Surrendered Baby Law was excellent (“Are you ready for the Big One?,” April 4). It is surprising, but these laws are fairly recent.

Several years back, there was an incident here in Santa Maria where a baby was left near the trash on pick-up day. The baby was discovered before it was picked up, the mother was revealed, and I believe was put on trial. The baby was put in foster care, and the mother was, needless to say, confused and in denial, etc. I’m not sure how it all turned out, but you could probably look it up in the Santa Maria Times.

It would be an interesting story. There should be posters around telling where to surrender the babies, but I’ve never seen any. Poor babies—their very lives hinge on an ephemeral quality called “wantedness.” Before 1974 (Roe v. Wade), they would have been protected by the law, but since then they are considered fair game.

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