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Here are more options for health and safety

Grover Beach

By Biaggia Jean Crucilla, M.Ed.

I read the article “It takes a village” (March 21) this morning and I would like to offer some helpful (I hope) input. I am a physical education teacher who’s worked 21 years in the state of South Carolina. I moved to the Central Coast in June 2012. I am actively seeking employment in California as a physical education teacher or consultant.

It is great that the schools are working to be safe and healthy. I came from a very poor rural district in South Carolina, and I worked hard with agencies to improve the quality of health and physical education of my community. I wanted to inform you, and the school district, that there are other agencies who may help in their endeavors.

I worked closely with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This alliance gives guidelines to work toward getting the steps in line to accomplish whatever goals the school would like to achieve. There is also a PEP grant that allows schools to obtain money to improve the quality of health and fitness. These are available to the physical educator in the system. If they belong to their professional organization such as the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, there are even more opportunities. This is a great organization to be part of, for they are involved in continuing in the education of our youth in health, physical education, and academics. There is also a Safe Routes to School program that can offer support and information.

I thought I would offer these suggestions to see if they would be of any help to those who are interested. If you would like any further assistance, I would be available to help.

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