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Liberals succeed!

Los Osos

By Gary Karner

Let me see if I understand this correctly.

Our liberal friends want to redistribute the wealth from the "wealthy" in the United States to those deserving individuals who are below the poverty level.

Well, actually, we have done that. We have distributed our U.S. wealth (jobs) to those overseas by sending our manufacturing jobs to countries that offered the same or better labor for lower wages, less taxes, and less benefits to them. And they were well-received by those overseas workers. We did that and raised their income levels.

Did our liberal gurus only think this re-distribution of wealth was to occur within the United States? Sorry, wrong. This is not a U.S.-only-based economy any more. This is a world-wide economy. Our U.S. companies went outside the United States to reduce their costs and improve their profits and moved these jobs overseas and improved the wages and benefits for millions of others overseas at the expense of those in the United States. The liberal goal was achieved; it just wasn't in the U.S. markets or for the U.S. workers.  Big oops?

Congrats to the liberals. Your goals were achieved.  But the U.S. suffered. Quit whining.

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