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Keep Joni Gray in office


By Frank Grube

It is important to the citizens of 4th District (Lompoc, Orcutt) that Supervisor Joni Gray be re-elected as Santa Barbara County supervisor. She has been an outstanding member of the current Board of Supervisors that is a cohesive group and has proven by working together they can solve Santa Barbara County’s most demanding and pressing problems in these very hard times.

But their work is not finished! These are tough times for everyone, including county government. The residents of the 4th District deserve better representation than her opponent, who is not familiar with historic and current issues and has shown that he does not have the expertise required to research, analyze, and solve problems. This is not the time to train a new inexperienced county supervisor.

Supervisor Joni Gray knows the constituents of our district. She knows the concerns of the residents of Lompoc and the concerns of the residents of Orcutt. This knowledge can only be obtained by experience.

It is important that the 4th District is continued to be represented by the most intellectual, the most qualified, and the most experienced person.

Vote to re-elect Supervisor Joni Gray!

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