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Empty promises, brownouts herald darker days looming for our state's power grid

By Ellis Romero, Santa Maria

So our governor asks us not to use electricity between 5 and 9 p.m. due to overburdening the electric grid. There will be rolling brownouts throughout the state. Let’s see, 5 to 9 p.m. just happens to be when most people are home, living normal lives in their houses, apartments, condos, campers, tents, or whatever. Eating dinner, doing dishes, watching TV, reading papers or books. All activities that require light. Light, as in electric lighting. But we are asked to not use electricity. Asked by the same group of wizards who just mandated no gasoline-powered cars after 2035.

As of 2021, California had just 12.5 percent of its vehicles powered by electric batteries. The same 12.5 percent that the governor asked people not to charge between 5 and 9 p.m. Now imagine when that percentage jumps to 50 percent, then 70 percent, and finally close to 100 percent. Gov. Gavin Newsom had to get the backup generators going (powered by natural gas) just to keep things from really going dark. The promise of renewables is just that, a promise. An empty promise! It will never happen in your lifetime unless they perfect and control nuclear fusion. By the way, Newsom also wants to keep Diablo Canyon reactors working because the renewables are not there to take its place.

So, my point being that if we must curtail charging 12.5 percent of our vehicles for four hours a day, does that mean eight hours a day if we reach 25 percent? Sixteen hours a day at 50 percent? I can see odd and even license numbers determining which days you can charge and use your electric car. Think it won’t happen? Remember the wind turbines they wanted to put up in Lompoc? What happened? No matter where there is an attempt to build something “renewable,” there will always be a new set of “NIMBYs” or “environmentalists” who will sue it out of existence. 

So our geniuses in Sacramento who think they are saving the world by passing ridiculous laws will be collecting their fat pensions, drinking piña coladas, and never have to answer for the mess they left for the rest of us. Keep voting the same morons into office! Their dreams will be our nightmares and cost us all dearly.

Ellis Romero
Santa Maria

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