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Homelessness story was for the wrong audience

By Jan Lipski, Vandenberg Village

Homelessness and what to do about it was nicely covered by the Sun staff (“Shelter, services, support,” April 14 and “Space for stability,” April 21). But it was for the wrong audience. Sure, we can wring our hands and give some needy person on the street a buck. But this is like Band-Aids. You can pat yourself on the back for doing something, but the something diverts your tax dollar to consultants and political insider friends who provide more Band-Aids. 

The article you published should be put into a classroom tutorial for our grade school classes. You could start out with telling them they will never be a TikTok sensation or a YouTube million-dollar clicker or any of the other sensationalized social media stars—the pictures of how the homeless live will be your future unless you learn some skills. Reading, writing, and math will pave the way to a job. Not everyone is cut out for college. Trades like plumbing, auto mechanics, and carpentry are good-paying jobs that can support yourself, a family, and owning your own home. Are there any shop classes? Let’s get in the face of the people who we entrust the future of our children.

For the teachers, and I know there are many fine ones concerned about their students, you need to address the union and the school board and tell them to stop the social justice and racial disparity crap and get back to basics. 

That is the audience that should read “Space for stability.”

Jan Lipski
Vandenberg Village 

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