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Going it alone is anti-vaxxers' selfish 'right'

By Stephen Siemsen, Orcutt

When COVID-19 first blanketed our country in early 2020, we were indeed “all in this together.” But, after the development and wide dissemination of three effective vaccines against COVID, we all saw that cases declined. Well, that was until the rapid spread of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated. We now find ourselves in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” that threatens all of us.

Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated is declaring that “we are NOT all in this together,” but that they prefer to “go it alone” and take their chances with COVID. Well, I guess that is their selfish “right.” But what about the rights of the vaccinated taxpayers with medical insurance who now must underwrite their totally avoidable COVID treatments? What about the unnecessary burden placed on medical personnel and health services? When will insurance companies stop covering the costs of COVID-related medical treatment for “go-it-alone” anti-vaxxers? When will hospitals stop admitting anti-vaxxers with COVID to free up beds for unvaccinated children and those who did get vaccinated?

The talk about “herd immunity” has fallen on too many deaf ears and cannot be achieved with so many ignorant unvaccinated, maskless people mingling with the general population. Instead, we now find ourselves “culling the herd” as the ignorant die of COVID and leave the gene pool. On the upside, that is not such a bad thing.

I’m masked and awaiting my booster shot.

Stephen Siemsen

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