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Carbajal has acted in businesses' favor

By Michael Smith, Santa Maria

I was surprised to read Keri McMillan’s recent condemnation of Congressman Salud Carbajal over his votes regarding the pandemic (“Dear Congressman Carbajal, now is your chance,” Feb. 4). McMillan is rightly upset that she has lost business revenue because of shutdowns, but I believe she is pointing her finger in the wrong direction.

First, Carbajal voted for the CARES Act way back in May, which to date, has sent more than $800 billion to small businesses. Luckily, this legislation found bipartisan support. 

Unfortunately, the HEROES Act, also voted for by Carbajal, which would have sent more funding to small businesses, was stonewalled by Republicans in both the House of Representatives and Senate. It was also never mentioned by President Donald Trump, who was busy campaigning at the time and not engaged in running the nation.

Second, as a member of the federal government, Carbajal was not responsible for the state’s response to the pandemic. President Trump made it quite clear at the outset of the pandemic that it was up to the states to make their own policies.

Because of the total lack of a federal response, McMillan’s finger should be pointed at state officials including Gov. Gavin Newsom, who will readily admit he made mistakes. Many governors are in the same boat.

In South Dakota, Gov. Kristi Noem kept her state totally open and encouraged people to come to the state for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. She even spent money given to her state through the CARES Act to promote tourism. South Dakota’s per capita death rate ranks sixth in the nation and is twice the rate of California.

I’m also a bit confused by McMillan’s last paragraph. She encourages Carbajal to worry about “all the people” in his district, yet she chastises his willingness to pass the most recent relief bill proposed by President Joe Biden.

This is literally the best way for Carbajal to help his constituents. The new bill would send $1,400 to all qualifying citizens, maybe even Ms. McMillan; provides more money for small business assistance; and gives the state more funding to administer the vaccine. After all, the vaccine is the key to getting businesses like Ms. McMillan’s back on their feet. 

Finally, I would say that Carbajal had no choice but to vote for the impeachment of Trump. The former president incited his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol at a time when Congress was fulfilling its solemn duty to count the electoral votes from the November election, which were overwhelmingly in favor of Biden.

I believe that if McMillan read the thoughts of the Founding Fathers while they drafted the Constitution, she would find this was exactly the type of behavior by a president that they believed merited impeachment. To not hold Trump responsible would be to send a very dangerous message to future presidents. 

Michael Smith
Santa Maria

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