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Trump followers need to grow up

By Christopher Hamma, Arroyo Grande

I have a few thoughts regarding the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Congress coordinated by Donald Trump and his team, and carried out by his supporters.

First, to the sadly misguided dupes who believe every conspiracy theory they hear from the far-right extremist media that have infected our nation like a creeping, oozing cancer—grow up. Try to understand what it means to be a responsible American.

It means that you truly believe in and support freedom, justice, and opportunity for all Americans—regardless of skin color, gender, religion, national origin, or political persuasion. It means you truly believe in democracy—as in, sometimes you lose elections.

It also means that you believe in the law. A delusional president who thinks he has all the powers of an emperor or a dictator and can literally do anything he wants is still not above the law no matter how infatuated you are with him and his self-aggrandizing bullshit.

On the other hand, being an American does not give you permission to physically attack the institutions we have held sacred for nearly 250 years (and which are continually improving) just because your favorite celebrity idol has whipped you up into a pseudo-patriotic froth.

And let’s not forget that Trump could never have successfully pulled off this assault on the people of the United States without the devoted help of dozens of pathetic, hypocritical Republican officials (McConnell, McCarthy, Hawley, Cruz, Rubio, Nunes, Jordan, and many others).

These cowards and ass-kissers have continuously supported the Trump administration’s lies and crimes—at least until Jan. 6, when they suddenly became terrified and appalled at Trump’s unleashed mob, cried for help, and issued multiple statements about how awful and un-American it all was. 

These hollow men and women masquerading as our “representatives” need to be held fully accountable for their actions by the American people. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to hold accountable the many millions of rank-and-file Republican voters who knowingly went along with Trump’s endless attacks on our democracy without a peep.

Finally, it should be noted that Trump, his family, and his close associates are guilty of repeated acts of treason. My understanding has always been that under federal law, treason is a capital crime. I see no reason the law cannot be applied as intended in this case.

Christopher Hamma
Arroyo Grande

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