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Vote yes on Prop. 15 if you care about our future

By Luis Catalan, Santa Barbara High School junior

I am very unsure about the future of my education right now. The only thing I do know is that we will need more funding for our schools and communities as we move past COVID-19. 

Proposition 15 is one of the only solutions that could help us get funding to get through this crisis. I don’t agree with Samantha Romero’s letter last week (“Vote against stupid Democratic proposals,” Oct. 15). Proposition 15 is a fair and balanced proposition that raises money for schools and vital services in our communities. Proposition 15 would even help our small businesses by getting rid of some taxes on things like equipment and computers. 

Personally, as a student at Santa Barbara High School, I see a lack of counselors and after-school programs, and damages around the school like potholes due to underfunding. Our schools need to hire more counselors. Counselors have more students than they can handle and don’t have enough time to talk to all of us about important things like grades, college opportunities, and other student support. 

As of 2019-20, there were 2,154 students enrolled in Santa Barbara High School, which means one counselor for every 400 students. That is not fair to me, my fellow peers, and school staff. And this is only made worse by the pandemic, virtual learning, and major uncertainty in all of our education systems. 

Proposition 15 has the potential to bring the city of Santa Barbara, students, and our community $1.4 million. I encourage you to support Proposition 15. With Proposition 15 in place, our schools and communities can move past this crisis and build a better future for all of us. 

Luis Catalan
Santa Barbara High School junior

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