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A note on the Electoral College

By Jan Lipski, Vandenberg Village

What could be more un-American than Brits trashing this country. John Oliver recently took to task the Electoral College with how it misrepresented minorities and more irrelevant falderal. John, become a citizen, and then you might have some standing.

The Electoral College is always topical because we stopped teaching the foundations of our government. Headline “The United States of America.” As a collection of sovereign states, we unify under a common brand to promote trade and defense. Almost like what the European Union tried to do except for the defense part. Another topic for another day.

Each state under the agreement of our Constitution is an equal partner, and if one state starts to feel underrepresented, there could be repercussions, such as secession from the Union. That was the cause of the Civil War. Forget slavery. That was a side note.

The founders built many checks and balances in the government to assure each state was equally represented. That is the purpose of the Electoral College in the election process.

I could cast aspersions on states whose population majority could swing federal representation to hedonistic, socialist control, but why name names. The important thing to remember is, as a country, we are still sovereign states. You can move freely between them as your politics desire, but you cannot dictate your politics to the union.

That’s the rest of the story. Good day. 

Jan Lipski
Vandenberg Village

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