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Take a hard look at the commander in chief

By Istar Holliday, Arroyo Grande

In response to Ellis Romero’s letter, (“The blame-Trump game,” Sept. 24) decrying those who call Trump “a racist,” I feel you need a bit of Trump’s history before you defend him from that title.

My father worked for Trump’s father, and, as a native of New York for 25 years, I had the dubious pleasure of following Donald’s career from both my father’s accounts and the regular space given Donald Trump’s peccadillos in the Daily News and New York Post … not a pretty picture.

To begin with, Trump’s father has been alleged to be a Ku Klux Klan member, was arrested during his youth, and appeared eager to pass down his take on the world to his favorite son, Donald, who with his father, in Donald’s adult years, were cited for coding applicants for residence in Trump’s buildings to identify those of color, so they would be advised there were no vacancies. Racist? I think so. Also, Trump Jr. would hire undocumented builders through the New York mob and then short change them by taking them to court for doing “unsatisfactory work,” knowing they could not appear to defend themselves. Racist? You be the judge. If you remember, as president, he was accused for doing similar things to the undocumented workers hired at Mar-A-Largo, his favorite, and his future, residence.

In sum, whatever you claim he’s done as president was not done out of concern for the “have-nots” in our country … it was done to affect his reelection chances, as is everything he does today. The man is a mean-mouthed, lying provocateur who has no real concern for others. As a relevant aside? Have you, in almost four years of his presidency, ever seen a picture of him with his grandchildren by Ivanka, Donald Jr., or Eric? Or a picture of him golfing or spending any time with his teenage son, Baron? They don’t even share living quarters, from what I’ve read.

Remember this picture of our commander in chief when you vote and ask yourself why members of the upper echelon of the military are discussing how to remove him if he loses the vote and refuses to leave office, or why those who know him best are worried he might start a war to stay in power.

It’s time we elect a president who has character and compassion as well as experience, will read the briefs given him, and will listen to his advisers. Do the research, get out and vote for Joe Biden, and save our democracy from wannabe tyrants.

Istar Holliday 
Arroyo Grande

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