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It comes down to respect

By Jan Lipski, Vandenberg Village

I always look for the new edition of the Sun Thursday afternoons in the Village Center and was wondering why after three days the news rack still was bare. So Saturday I drove around to see where if anywhere was the Sun. I finally located some and wondered if it was the “Pride” front page (June 27) that was the problem. Did some stores, if asked, decline to have this issue in the rack? Did someone not connected with the business grab the papers and dump them in the trash?

The articles presented by Camillia Lanham, Zac Ezzone, and Kasey Bubnash were serious journalistic essays concerning a social reality that I think most people interact with every day. I found them informative.

I think the Sun’s front page gave the impression that they were part of the “gay” celebration, and the column headline “Queer and ready for a beer” belied the serious reporting of the social changes that are reflected in our communities. All in all, the Sun’s editorial decisions were counterproductive to establishing not so much a dialogue but an insight to where we as a community stand about diversity.

The reaction to the Sun’s front page is the same as any agenda that is forced on the general public to accept or even embrace. Vegans who demonstrate trying to shame or boycott, anti-fur demonstrators spilling blood on fur coats, climate-change apostles suing the opposition are all characteristics of fascism.

We don’t need special laws to protect any class of citizen. All men were created equal. The laws that protect any person protects all. We are free to form groups of like-minded people. It’s called freedom of association. Most of all we need to respect another person’s space.

Jan Lipski
Vandenberg Village

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