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Dems should care about this country

By Ellis Romero, Santa Maria

Thank you, New York. You have given us one of the loudest, most arrogant representatives to serve in Congress. She lacks common sense and has absolutely no scruples about leaving the truth far behind when she comments on everything and anything. 

Who, you ask? AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). 

Her latest fabrication is that Border Patrol agents are forcing immigrants to drink from toilets. Most everything else she claimed to be taking place in detention centers was a lie also. A group of Latino pastors toured the same facilities she did and were shocked to find nothing she claimed was true. 

Politicians are known for stretching the truth but this is way beyond a stretch. My question to her, all other Democrats who care more for illegals than U.S. citizens, and the Democrat candidates for president is: Why don’t you show the same outrage over the poor in this country. Why aren’t you holding photo ops in Chicago or Detroit or impoverished areas in this country. Who elected you to represent those sneaking into our country, and why are you trying to give them free medical care, driver’s licenses, food stamps, and legal representation when your own constituents have to pay for all these things and pay higher taxes so you can give the above benefits to millions of non-citizens. 

Democrats are no friends to the citizens of this country. They deny the crisis and refuse to fund any attempt to tighten the border. Then they feign moral outrage over the illegals they encourage to come here with the lure of all these freebies. 

AOC voted twice against money for the border facilities and then has the gall to blame the Border Patrol for conditions that she fabricates. Shame on you AOC, and shame on New York if that is the best they can elect.

Ellis Romero
Santa Maria

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