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Oceano is in dire straits

By Lucia Casalinuovo - Oceano

Since State Parks disclosed its intention to add an off-roading campground and access road by Oso Flaco Lake, people in that area have mobilized against it: the residents of Nipomo Mesa and Trilogy and the Oso Flaco friends. I don’t blame them. I have been a resident of Oceano and have suffered the consequences of the activities related to the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) for more than 30 years: Poor air quality, noise, trash, and traffic congestion are among the most evident negative consequences. Let alone the danger and injustice to Oceano residents who do not have a pedestrian-safe beach but have their beach and downtown suffocated and brutalized by thousands of motorized vehicles driving to the ODSVRA.

The reaction of my southern neighbors makes it obvious that nobody wants the ODSVRA in his/her backyard. Oceano has been carrying this burden alone for the past many decades. Oceano deserves a safe beach just like any other beach town in California. I pray to my neighboring towns that we do not fight each other over this issue because our cause is the same. I call for a grand alliance among us: Either we share the burden equally, or we get rid of it all together.

The ODSVRA is a landlocked vehicular park on a stretch of unique, delicate, magnificent coastal land. Should it really be devoted to off-roading?

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