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Trump exposed waste at national parks

By Jan Lipski - Vandenberg Village

During the recent government shutdown, the shortest on record, our national parks have become pigsties. Without government employees picking up after visitors' refuse, the parks look like downtown LA or San Francisco.

Solution: Hand out trash bags so people can cart out what they bring in. In fact, weigh each visitor and their tote bags and if they bring back more gross weight (I don't mean that in a bad way) than they went in with by policing up refuse like our roadside "Adopt-A-Highway" guys do, they get a refund on their admission price. Bonus: We could reduce government employees whose job is to pick up after lazy, dare we call them, Americans.

I know, you're slapping your forehead with your palm saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" That's why I'm here, to think of stuff like that.

Better yet why don't we give tax credits to those Adopt-A-Highway guys for their favorite charity since they're saving tax dollars on Caltrans guys not needed.

I'm on a roll here, but space insists I stop. Wait for next time when I tell you how we can get our straws back!

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