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Word to the bird

By Jan Lipski - Vandenberg Village

The "settled science" of the '70s predicted a coming Ice Age. Of course the lazy press went with the sensational without examination. Time magazine used the same cover with a penguin perched on an iceberg to sell the coming ice age in 1977 and then global warming in 2007. I guess they got a three-for if they publish it again, or is that a hat trick–are they still publishing? It was replete with all the graphs and cited the "Maunder minimum." As it became obvious to the fear-mongering scientists that their assumptions and predictions were not coming to fruition, they just dropped the subject. Move on, nothing to see here. Maybe you'll forget our folly.

Then the inventor of the internet found a way to make a buck with global warming. The assumptions and predictions of global warming rolled out with all their half-baked science and in some cases fraudulent (read fake) graphs and charts. What was different was Gore and James Hansen to name two found a way to handsomely profit from the specter of global warming. Both presided over schemes to take money from energy producers and oversee the distribution of the proceeds. Neither one of these scams does anything to reduce worldwide emissions or change the weather.

As the data to prove warming flopped, NASA reported that world temperatures decreased .56 degrees Celsius, .8 degrees Fahrenheit, in the last two years. Yes birds and girls, while all the headlines kept announcing more evidence of global warming in the past two years, I said two years! NASA says, "... not so much." It's a good thing "climate change" became the new buzzword. Now, I don't know that I believe NASA figures any more than I believe you can accurately measure the global mean temperature much less predict its course, but real weather, well just look at the past Thanksgiving blizzards and the past two years of polar express deep freezes. That's science you can't fudge.

Dear Canary, instead of parroting (yes, I know that's a different bird), why don't you wise up or just shut up? Your education has failed you, and your ability to continue being inquisitive with healthy skepticism of what you're being fed by the so-called "settled science" is non-existent. Are you, mixing cannabis seeds in your Canary feed? Whoa! Stop the presses, there really is cannabis in Canary feed. They call it hemp, but wink, wink.

If I thought it would be enlightening, I could reference at least a few books suggesting a coming ice age and send you a set of DVDs where the other scientists tear apart your so-called scientific consensus. But liberal minds aren't subject to change, let alone bird brains. Oooh, did I say something to offend? I hope so.

I know it's dangerous to challenge "settled science." Look what they did with Copernicus. But I stand with my brother. Pope Clement VII wasn't the last pope to know nothing about science.

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