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The border

By Boris Roberts - Santa Maria

Well, according to CNN, MSN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the rest, there are between 1,600 and 6,000 people coming this way through Mexico from Honduras and Guatemala. I see these comments about the president being a racist for trying to stop them. He has to stop them. All you guys that want to just let them come here and squat, maybe you should think about things before you spout your racist noise.

They do the jobs nobody else will do. Yep, like journeyman carpenter. Roofer. Gardener. Drywall. Dishwasher. Car mechanic. Ditch digger. Car washer. You get the idea. They do the jobs all of us have done. Part of the problem is that, as teens, most of us washed dishes, dug ditches, tore off roofs, washed cars, weeded gardens, etc. That is where we learned how to work when we were in high school. But now, an illegal alien has that job.  

We have major issues in this state with the cost of housing, the unemployment rate (I know, and you all know, that the 3.7 percent rate stated by the government is not true, it's just the number on unemployment), crime, hit-and-run drivers (we're No. 1, we're No. 1), the homeless, and businesses leaving the state.

I get it, I really do. I'd rather hire some guy that will work for $12 an hour, with no workers comp, no medical, no dental, no vacation, no retirement, no social security, no state and federal taxes to pay, no nothing, and chances are that guy will work hard, do a good job, won't snivel, won't call in sick, and will really help out. But when that journeyman legal (many immigrant carpenters are legal residents) union member cannot find a job, when the construction industry is smoking here, because all the non-legal people have the jobs, what then? Are you willing to roll your lifestyle back to 40 years ago? Are you willing to live in a house with 25 other people? Are you willing to give up everything you've earned over the past 25 years so some unscrupulous contractors can buy their new boat, their house on top of the hill in Santa Barbara, while paying these guys a wage that just barely allows them to survive in this area?

I'm not.

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