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Santa Maria, a caring community

By Russell Saiz - Santa Maria

A while back the Sun wrote a small piece on my son Sebastian Saiz (Athlete of the Week, Aug. 23) who is the quarterback of the Santa Maria High School Saints this year. His mom, my wife Irene Rodriguez Saiz, recently passed away from cancer. The outpour of support is so awesome that I want to share a post I put on my Facebook:

We live in an awesome community. The outpour of love and support we have received from our neighbors, our friends, and our schools is unheard of. I remember when I first brought my family here in 2005, it was only going to be for three years and then we were moving to Ventura. After our first year here we fell in love with this city, its community,  schools, children, etc. My wife started substitute  teaching, I started coaching youth sports and we made Santa Maria our home town.

Here we are years later, and with my wife's passing I thought she would want to be buried back home in Woodlake, California. She made me promise that would not happen. She said, "Santa Maria is my home, it is where we raised our children, it is where our friends who are family are, it is where my heart is and where I want be laid to rest. You promise me that you will make this happen." 

I told her I will move mountains for you, so you can count on my fulfilling your every wish. Thank you friends (family), thank you to all the staff at Santa Maria High School, Liberty Elementary School, Adams Elementary School, and thank you Santa Maria for all the love you gave my family. 

May God bless this city, our schools, and our community for their selfless actions of coming together to help one of their own. On behalf of my wife, Irene Rodriguez Saiz; my son, Sebastian Saiz; and daughter, Jasmine Saiz, I say we love and appreciate you all.

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