Friday, February 22, 2019     Volume: 19, Issue: 51

Santa Maria Sun / Letter To The Editor

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Irresponsible reporting

By Colleen Kuykendall - Santa Maria

My respect for your paper has quickly diminished based on your article about Father Timothy Lane published Oct. 4, 2018 ("Local priests named in California sexual abuse report"). The 18-year-old adult was in a consensual relationship with him and the "sexual assault" was not more than a French kiss. She still lives in our community and so does he. 

The picture in the sidebar disgusts me. You should be ashamed of yourselves for posting something so misleading to the public. It is very obvious that you are trying to bash St. Joseph High School where he has not worked for 12 years. No charges were filed because two consenting adults kissing is not against any laws. 

Get the facts and present them. Don't allow it to appear to be something it was not just so you can sell papers. It's too small of a town for you to be so irresponsible. 

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