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No excuse for Trump

By Robert P. Sutton - Vandenberg Village

Some opinions regarding politics or politicians in general never change among many individuals, even in view of the behavior of those politicians and their policies. Such is the case of a recent letter in the Sun's Aug. 16 Opinion section ("Too much Kool-Aid") that still attempts to give some credit to the erratic performance of President-elect Donald Trump.

What's been reported about Mr. Trump in the media, and his bullying non-presidential performance as president, is evidence enough that he's a liability for the welfare of America and its citizens. He's not presidential now, nor will he be in the future. He lacks the demeanor, intelligence, or class to be president.

Just consider, there appears to be sufficient evidence to support his collusion with Russia to affect the outcome of our recent presidential election. Also consider, his display of presidential weakness during his recent visit to Helsinki, for Vladimir Putin's approval of his actions. His so-called tax reform was more of a tax manipulation, benefiting the wealthy and businesses more so than the working taxpayer. His immigration policy, if it can be called that, is a crime against immigrants more than anything else. There's a lot more negatives about this self-centered individual, if a concerned person takes the time to notice.

And finally, just take notice of the lackluster, dysfunctional nature of the Republican Party in control. Their lack of leadership was evident during President Obama's term, and it's even more so now. If they're trying to demonstrate party unity by their wall of silence to Mr. Trump's antics, they need to be reminded of who voted them into office, and that their first loyalty is to the country and its voters, and second or last to Mr. Trump.

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