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Santa Maria Sun / Letter To The Editor

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Dear editor

By Diane Martin - Santa Maria

You Canary says: "It must be nice to be able to own a house or a piece of farmland, to rake in the stacks of rental or ag income from the county's working class," ("Must be nice," July 26).

I'm a working-class employee, a senior citizen, and the owner of rental income. I'm also the child of a sharecropper from the American South. I'm also an American citizen, which means I can begin my adult life on welfare, work hard, save, and one day own rental property that working people pay for.

Please let your "bird" know that one's hourly wage is not the same as their net worth. People who work for a living can save and invest. To assume this way of life–working hard and getting out of poverty–is something to be devalued is not something I would discourage. It is a shame your publication feels differently.

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