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Library Shop should stay

By Nancy Meddings, Orcutt

I read with interest City Librarian Mary Housel's comments in the "Library Shop to close after tiff with library" article (July 5). I have been a librarian for 31 years, as well as currently serving on the Friends Board, and have never encountered a city librarian who felt they needed to evict a group that raises $40,000 a year for the library in favor of offering passport services available many other places. 

The Friends have operated many years in the space designated for them and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of support during that time. Will the passport offices offer free and low-cost books to children? Will the passport service provide direct support to library programs and events? Why is the Friends group suddenly a liability, after so many years? This is a sad turn of events and makes little business sense at a time when the city of Santa Maria has announced a serious budget shortfall that may result in public safety service cuts. 

Is anyone on the Santa Maria City Council paying attention?

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