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By Jan Lipski, Vandenberg Village

Michael Smith may not think President Trump is a Republican ("Trump's not a Republican," June 28), but most Republicans are not Republicans--. For some time now there hasn't been a cat whisker's difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Other than puffing out their chests in indignation, the agenda of social justice and globalization marches on as Republicans extend open palms and say, "It wasn't us." The most chilling words I ever heard was during the signing of NAFTA when President George Bush, Sr. uttered, "a new world order." Those are words that may have been ill chosen, but to me it meant "globalism," one powerful government managing the planet. George Soros envisions such power. The power given to some unelected bureaucrat in some part of the world dictating what you can eat, what you can wear, how much energy you can use, and how many people can flood into your country who neither respect your flag or your constitution.

When President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord (which was not a treaty or even anything close to an enforceable agreement), he used the word "sovereignty" several times. United States sovereignty. Say those words softly and sweetly in respect for the bloodshed and sacrifice to establish this Republic. Say those words as we celebrate July 4th, with thanks to the men who fashioned a Constitution and Bill of Rights for this nation that put people before government. Say those words as we remember the battles we, Americans, fought to topple dictators and tyrants so that other people could be free. America is the beacon of freedom. That's all we want and that's all we do. So if you don't like President Trump's style, that's OK. It's results that count. We are getting results. If you've been too busy to notice, perhaps it's because of all the distractions.

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