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Oil companies contribute

By Franziska Shepard - Santa Maria

I have been following the recent letters regarding the plans of three oil companies to expand production in the Cat Canyon oilfield. Their plans are to use modern, state-of-the-art techniques to increase petroleum production in a well-established oilfield that has seen safe production for many decades. I find it disappointing that some local groups have chosen to oppose the efforts of those companies to increase local energy production and create jobs, which is a far better proposition than importing foreign crude oil.

I have had experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. In California, one of the greatest barriers to business development is the tangled web of state and local regulations. Unfortunately, our local county may be seen as one of the toughest areas for business, especially the petroleum industry.

We recently opened a sizable industrial recycling plant, which has provided a number of well-paying jobs and has been embraced by their community as an important contributor to the local economy. Local officials worked as our partners to facilitate permitting, construction, and operation of that facility. That business is located in Kansas. This is typical of many companies that move operations out of California in search of a more business-friendly environment.

Our local governments and commissions should evaluate these three projects on the facts. They will use proven technology, the most advanced and proven-safe methods available, to produce energy, which is so badly needed by Californians. In the process, they will also create many well-paying jobs and will generate important county tax revenues in this time of need. Our state and local governments should support responsible businesses instead of hindering them. When I asked to establish a pyrolysis recycling plant here, I was told to provide an experience visibility study and that the project study by the agencies could take up to three years.

Needless to say, the plant is now established in Kansas, where I had to also deal with the same federal agencies as well.

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