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Dear Canary

By Robert Scott - Santa Maria

Maybe the fumes from the dark coal mine finally overcame even your ultra-biased worldview to the point of absurdity ("Strange days indeed," May 10)? I have a few true liberal friends, who though they can be just as polarized as yourself, they don't let a visceral hate for the president overtake reason and logic. To so denounce a truly historic moment, not achieved by any president in the last 60 years, is simply ignorant.

Reason would dictate that like Reagan, peace through strength worked. Of course, there are other mitigating factors, there always are. I am positive that without the blessings or prodding of China, it wouldn't have happened. And though we do not know the outcome of next month's, and ensuing meetings, a good person could at least give credit to this time in history. And be repentant of the histrionics of the left about North Korea since the election. I hate sore losers.

And really, really where should Obama even be mentioned? Under whose tenure the uranium and information allowed by the Clinton administration became bombs and missiles, under his? When reflecting on real history and not simply regurgitating PC sound bites, it might help to breathe oxygen again, Canary, and give at least a cosmetic balanced portrayal.

Like my true liberal friends, thinking and postulating come into play if we are to be a well reasoned people.

It might help your presentation as a thoughtful opinion columnist, instead of simply a printable sound bite.

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