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Clueless Canary

By Justin Ruhge - Lompoc

Thanks for publishing my letter entitled "Not the NRA" (March 29). But right under it you stick in the clueless "Speak Out" (March 29) Yellow Canary column.

In my letter, I objected to the tyranny of the mob attacking the NRA for school disasters when the NRA has nothing to do with any of them. The people did. And I did correctly pointed out that there are two groups doing these terrible attacks.

The Canary did not read the Sun's own article, nor mine either. Then the Canary brought out the race card with the white supremacists. I will bet not one of those shooters thought of themselves as white supremacist. It is not the NRA, it is deranged people.

It is not surprising that Lt. Brian Olmstead, who is running against Sheriff Bill Brown, got the endorsement of the Deputy Sheriff's Association, they promoted Olmstead to run. It is doubtful that Olmstead can solve any of the problems that he is trying to hold Sheriff Brown to blame. Sheriff Brown has got many more endorsements than Olmstead, and more important than Supervisor Peter Adam.

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