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Guns in Santa Maria

By Connie Ford - Santa Maria

It may be a revelation to some, but the Second Amendment doesn't apply to gun stores. There is no constitutional right to manufacture or sell guns. And, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled in 2017 that county governments have the right to restrict the location of gun stores. There are plenty of examples of citizens asking local governments to enact ordinances and laws for the benefit of the community. Ordinances by local governments have included, among others, restrictions on the access, advertisement, and sale of cigarettes, alcohol, and pornography. Many of these restrictions have been enacted to shield and protect young people.

We have a right to expect our elected leaders to be receptive and respond to emerging concerns of the community. The willingness and ability to constantly evaluate and apply critical thinking to the needs and evolving dynamics of society is a necessary requirement for modern day government leadership, even if solutions go against the status quo of the past.

The often heard argument that government ordinances and laws violate our rights begs the question, "When does one person's rights infringe on another person's rights?" Unfortunately, respect for another person's point of view isn't automatic. Because one person's idea of their rights versus another person's rights is rarely settled privately, we have to rely upon our unbiased community leaders and courts to weigh all sides and come to reasonable rules of behavior for a civilized society.

Local governments need to prioritize the moral, health, and safety issues that are critically important to the fair and reasonable functioning and progression of our communities. This is something we need to pay close attention to now, and in future electoral candidates.

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