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Guns aren't the issue

By Alan Eft - Santa Maria

In the March 29 issue of the Sun, the cover story was "Never again: School shootings are a norm that some local students are no longer willing to accept." I agree with the sentiment that shootings should not be the norm. But guns are not the issue. They will always be available.

I do have two things that will make the schools safer: 1) Be a friend to the lonely. Almost all of the school shootings have been by a person that didn't have many friends (if any at all). When you see someone eating by themselves in the cafeteria, or not participating in any activity at school, become friends with them, or at least talk to them. Building a relationship with those who feel left out will go a long way to healing some relationships before they get out of hand. 2) Arm the teachers, or security at school, and make sure they are trained to confront the threat.

School shootings are common because the shooter knows it is a safe place for them. Shooting fish in a barrel is not so easy when the fish shoot back. Of course weapons can be more than firearms. One Pennsylvania school armed its classrooms with rocks. I don't think that is a credible defense against a firearm. My recommendation is choice No. 1, but if students don't want to get involved with reaching out to other students, then No. 2 will also be a deterrent.

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