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Guadalupe City Council doing Planning Commission's job

By Manny Estorga - Guadalupe

I went to the Guadalupe City Council meeting about four or five weeks ago where a resident of Guadalupe discussed that he wants to build a simple driveway at his new home. He went to the Planning Department office, and it seems they sent him to the City Council meeting. He wanted to talk to the City Council about his project and they told him they couldn’t talk about it. They sent him back to the Planning Department and the Public Works Department. Now, I don’t know if he was sent to the Public Works Department and he just happened to walk into a City Council meeting that was in progress or if that’s where they actually sent him, but in any case he was upset.

I talked to him because he was angry that he has to miss so many hours of work or even a full day’s work because he can’t get what he needs from the city. The City Council can sign for specific plans and CUP [conditional use permit] papers, but they couldn’t help this resident on his new home for a simple driveway. Boy he was mad.

I wish I could get some help on the subject of the City Council’s ability to sign specific plans and CUP papers; are they authorized or not? We have not had a Planning Commission for some time so the City Council does whatever it wants.

Still need streetlights on Pioneer at the bus stop. Also, there is a few inches of blacktop needed on the sidewalk on Second Street where the school bus stops. The kids get their shoes full of mud; most of them get on/off in the street to avoid the damaged area. This is a heavily walked area because you must pass it if walking to the Main Street shopping center and the Guadalupe Flyer, and Righetti and Mary Buren school buses all stop in that area on Pioneer and Second Street.

The uneven walking areas and dark streets are just some of the reasons why the city of Guadalupe is just failing to protect itself from lawsuits, not to mention failing to keep its own citizens safe.

Apparently, the city public works director can’t or won’t do the job of fixing these simple projects; I have brought it to his attention for some time now and still nothing has been done.

I hope the City Council does not put water works on the agenda in the near future and try to raise water rates again because the residents of Guadalupe can’t afford to pay for or pay more for the city and City Council’s mistakes. We shouldn’t have to pay for lawsuits caused by their failure to make simple and quick repairs especially when they have been notified repeatedly. It seems like this City Council is putting the city of Guadalupe in a very bad position, again.

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