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About walls

By Justin Ruhge - Concerned Taxpayers, Lompoc

If Mexico were a prosperous, safe, and peaceful neighbor like Canada, the U.S. would not need to control the border with it. But Mexico and the Central American states are out of control; failed governments with drug cartels, human trafficking, and endless corruption which is undermining the security of the U.S. of A. Like residents of Central America, the people of Mexico have nothing to look forward to, so they must run for the border to survive, as bad as that option is.

To control this chaos on the border, the U.S. must have a patrol to stop illegal aliens from crossing as long as Mexico will not stop the flow. Politicians oppose the idea of a fence along the border, but it will help stop the flow of aliens and help the border patrol guards do their job. The wall will also define the physical location of the border and our sovereign territory limits, and stem the flow of terrorists and drug mules across the presently open border.

Everyone sees that building walls is a good idea to help stop people from invading their lands, except for the U.S.

The U.S. can easily build an 1,800 mile-long double or triple fence along its border with modern technology. Tunneling can be easily detected with sound devices, and anyone crossing the fence can be easily detected as they are in the fences being built around the world. Guards can be dispatched to trouble areas. It is way past time for the U.S. to take control of our immigration crisis by controlling the border with high tech fences and well trained, professional guards to patrol it.

Immigrants who want to come to the U.S. legally are always welcome to apply; others are not.

So let’s do it. Build a well-defined American border with “The Wall.”

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