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No collusion, Canary

By Jan Lipski - Vandenberg Village

I've been a reader of the Sun for a number of years. Early on after reading your column I more or less dismissed it over the years. However, one column accusing President Trump of treason got my attention ("Where there's smoke," July 13). I intended to respond at the time but then didn't.

Before I go on let me respond now. Are you aware of how serious an accusation of treason is? This is not some flippant remark to be made during cocktail hour much less committed to ink and paper. It seems the Democrats, progressives, or anti-Trumpers are predisposed to hyperbole if not damned lies. This group points the finger of "politicizing" everything at the conservatives, yet they are the perpetrators of that very thing. This group points the finger of "divisiveness" at conservatives and again they are the ones that continue to separate Americans by race, creed, monetary class, and political affiliation.

"I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you." That's a childhood taunt I heard on the playground more than 60 years ago. It still works especially when you're dealing with people who behave like spoiled brats.

So when are you going to grow up? It might be popular to rant about President Trump with uninformed voters or people who never vote but just need to belong to some group. However, if you're keeping up with the real news, the Mueller investigation has gone off into the weeds. They can't find any collusion on President Trump so why not start rutting up the barnyard as long as they've got an open purse of taxpayer money for fancy luncheons and such. In the meantime Russian collusion with the Democrats is getting exposed daily.

Look, I'm not sure if it might not be a prescient move to lay off President Trump and start piling on Hillary. It's all the sport now.

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