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Canary hits new low



The Sun has hit a new low with the Canary’s “Divided we stand,” (Sept. 28). The biggest reason? His continued attacks on President Trump are not only tiresome but also moronic.

Hey Canary, Trump knows what he’s doing, you dumb-dumb. He may be caustic and pompous, but he’s also right. The NFL players not respecting the flag are fools. Recent polls show more than 55 percent of Americans agree with Trump. Now the NFL has told the players they must stand during the national anthem. That was predictable.

Colin Kaepernick is aligned with Black Lives Matter, one of the most racist groups in the world. Why should NFL fans support players who seem to believe in the BLM agenda?

By the way, Canary, why haven’t you made any written statements condemning Antifa? Are you scared of them or something? They were behind the violence in Charlottesville (and Portland, Seattle, and Berkeley multiple times) because their motto is to beat up anybody they believe is a neo-Nazi, whether that person is or not.

Maybe the Sun should change its name to “Donkey,” that would be appropriate in more ways than one.

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