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Carbajal is bought by special interests

By Bobbi McGinnis - Santa Barbara

I recently received a fundraising email from Congressman Salud Carbajal, which referred to ending Citizens United and how our campaign finance system has been corrupted. Rep. Carbajal also touts a bill he co-sponsored called the Disclose Act that would require additional disclosure requirements for corporations and labor organizations.

We all would love to take big money out of politics, but this is once again Rep. Carbajal saying one thing and doing another. A simple look at his big money donors tells a completely different story. Rep. Carbajal has received money from numerous labor organizations, totaling more than $50,000, and he even received $5,000 from a Super PAC called End Citizens United, which is doing the very thing they say they are “fighting” to end. Talk about hypocrisy!

Other highlights from his donations include money from big pharma, big banks, and none other than Nancy Pelosi herself. Rep. Carbajal is bought and owned by special interests. He has received $250,000 from special interests this year alone.

I think the most memorable quote from Carbajal’s email is, “Democracy is not for sale.” He is certainly right about that, but the question to ask should be: Is Salud Carbajal for sale?

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