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Dear Canary

By Justin Ruhge - Concerned Taxpayers Inc., Lompoc

You liberals running these tabloids are notorious for promoting “fake news” as President Trump has reminded all of us (“Money matters,” July 27).

You have probably forgotten that that airhead Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” the ACA. No, the process by the Dems was in closed doors and no one knew just what was in it. They were told to confuse the “stupid voters,” while the Republicans are out to satisfy everyone at their own expense.

As for Carbajal “doing something,” he is a freeloader liberal doing something with someone else’s money. The voters across this country elected Republican state governments and congresses because they do not want the ACA, but you tabloid liberals are ignoring this reality to promote your brand of “fake news.” The taxpayers have to pay for eight years of the Obamanation’s free insurance. It is not free to someone—so our national debt went up 10 trillion in that time due to free ACA insurance.

We oppose spending our money for some else’s insurance. We do not need a burdensome program like the ACA to help people like you show in your article (“An uncertain future,” July 27) with that stupid Carbajal doing a look-good in the picture.

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